• NoisyChannels’ cognitive solution extracts relevant information from all parts of the questions and complaints received. This includes the documents attached to the emails. This makes further processing of the content easier and more accurate.
  • The SmartRouting component scans the received content and gauges for the emotion of the customer. This information can be used to set each new case with the right level of priority.
  • Lastly, the message is automatically sent to the right person or team without having to go through unnecessary intermediate steps.
  • Smart routing increases the speed of information dissemination by reducing the amount of manual screening and filtering for each case received. Each service representative is given a series of cases they work best on and told exactly how to prioritize the customer inquiries.
  • All handled questions and complaints are tagged to the solutions that were previously used to address them and stored in a common database.
  • NoisyChannels’ cognitive solution extracts the most relevant solutions from the database when a similar question or complaint is received from a customer. The customer service representative then uses the suggested solutions to provide the customer with the optimal response.
  • Solutions come from a multitude of departments with the expertise necessary to address the issue. Hence, customer representatives can tap on the expertise of other departments to address questions or complaints they are not trained for.
  • With AugmentedContext, service representatives do not have to manually craft new responses for similar types of received content and this improves their efficiency. The quality of responses delivered by the company will increase and become more consistent.
  • Users can run searches through all internal knowledge libraries simultaneously. In addition, NoisyChannels’ cognitive solution will also find documents that do not respond directly to search terms but can support the solution of the new case.
  • The content and context of all search results obtained are also considered. This information is used in conjunction with Noisychannels’ self-learning algorithms to constantly improve the quality of search results obtained.
  • TopicalRetrieval allows service representatives to find information more quickly and efficiently. This ultimately improves company efficiency and validates the investment needed to build and maintain knowledge libraries.


  • The common database of stored questions, complaints and solutions provides us with a treasure trove of information that can be analysed.
  • Externally, information such as consumer preferences can be collated. These insights can then be used to auto-generate responses and extend the range of self-service functions your company can provide to your customers.
  • Internally, analysis of the handled cases can be used to identify weak spots in each employee and customized coaching can be provided for each employee. A targeted approach like this will be more beneficial to the employee and cost-effective to the company than sending everyone to the same classes.


  1. Our components integrate with all customer communication platforms and knowledge libraries.
  2. We don’t start from scratch – historical data is used to build the first level of intelligent assistance.
  3. Hidden and unused expertise and experience is re-used and guarded.
  4. The intelligence and value grows with the use of the system through self-learning algorithms.
  5. Even when changing your core process systems, the intelligent assistant can be easily transferred from the old to the new system.

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

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